Sunday, August 17, 2003

Some random thoughts

  • The main tune of "In the mood" just sounds plain wrong played on a flute.

  • Sometimes you can play "Spot the Mormon."

  • Why didn't Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms realize that not every man has or wants to use either a low E or a high B?

  • Not all reality shows are created evil.

  • I wouldn't have pegged Daphne Zuniga to be in the "Bea Arthur" school of singing.

  • It's definitely easier to regurgitate and edit BS instead of writing it for the first time.

  • But it still is "garbage in, garbage out."

  • I prefer my dramas without the obvious moral lesson at the end.

  • I wonder how we can figure out that Amex and Coors are sponsors of The Restaurant. . . .
  • I find it both cool and really creepy that the commercials for The Two Towers recycle the soundtrack from Requiem for a Dream. [The One Ring as heroin, anyone?]


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