Thursday, May 27, 2004

He said it, but will he be heard?

This is exactly the kind of policy statements that Kerry needs to be making right now:

"He said the United States has to launch new alliances with other nations, modernize and strengthen the military, end the country's dependence on Mideast oil within 10 years, and make better use of intelligence information and diplomatic and economic power to advance American ideas and values.
'America must always be the world's paramount military power,' he said. `But we can magnify our power through alliances. We simply can't go it alone or rely on a coalition of the few.'
And, he added, in a reference to criticism he has often made of Mr. Bush, 'we can be strong without being stubborn.'"

Specific, incontrovertible, achievable goals--yet a plan that does not force his hand if he gets elected.


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