Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Two out of three ain't good

Well--it looks like I got two parts of my trifecta this week (Red Sox, Ph. D., Bush loses). I hate to say this, but I'd actually gladly trade in the two I got for the one I didn't.

I wish that Americans were more aware to what was going on than they are. That they were less gullible and inclined to vote against their own self-interests just because of their irrational fears and prejudices. That they were able to see the horrendous costs that we have paid in Iraq and will continue to pay for the next four years. That they were able to realize that we are not now safe, nor will ever be completely safe again. That they recognized that the "war on terror" will be an endless conflict, because you can't destroy a concept. That they understood that moral righteousness won't stop their job from being outsourced. That they understood that the poor and middle-class are being squeezed to pay for tax breaks and giveaways to the people who need it least.

And most of all, that they understood that they have just compounded the biggest electoral mistake in history, and that terrible repercussions will follow for decades as a result.

I'm going to be in a bit of a funk for a while--and I don't think rosy memories of the Red Sox will be enough to change that.


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