Monday, November 08, 2004

Well, that's one way to get around injuries

The Patriots were up to their usual tricks against the Rams yesterday. Once again they had Mike Vrabel catch a touchdown pass (his third career reception, and his third catch for a TD). They had Troy Brown, a wide receiver, tally three tackles and nearly had two interceptions. Finally, in perhaps the strangest play of all--because it worked--Adam Vinatieri now has a perfect QB rating.

This is perhaps the craziest play I've seen in a while: while the Rams were trying to figure out what formation the Pats were going to use, Troy Brown (who played special teams to complete the trifecta) moved to the edge of the field unnoticed by the Rams. Then following a quick snap by the setter, Vinatieri tosses the ball to Brown, who's right at the 1-yard line. Brown then promptly steps into the end zone, scoring a touchdown off of what everybody thought was going to be a gimme 21-yard field goal attempt.

This kind of play says something about the Rams--I'm just not quite sure what!


At November 19, 2004 at 12:14 PM, Blogger Samer said...

Actually, his rating isn't perfect; it's 122.9. He does have a 100% completion record, though. :-)

[The passer rating formula is such that the only way he could get a perfect rating is to toss the ball in a situation where they'd rather have Brady doing the honors.]

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