Monday, November 08, 2004

Spam, not-so-glorious spam

Oy. It's really getting out of control. Today I received 184 messages, according to Eudora. However, looking at my filter in WebMail (which removes spammy messages), I've only had about 48 useful messages today.

Last year, I had about 30% spam. Now it's 70% and climbing.

I will be glad to be able to dump my address when I move in a few months. . . .

Update: It turns out I actually received 221 messages on Tuesday, with a whopping 68 non-spam messages in the set. So, the 70% is actually pretty accurate. The more disturbing fact, however, is that in the first 10 days of November, I received more messages than I received in any single month last year. . . .


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