Saturday, July 31, 2004


It seems that my desire to get some work done today in splitting my third paper of the summer into my third and fourth papers of the summer is going to be thwarted, at least for the time being, by MIT Facilities, which is taking its oh-so-sweet time in restoring the power to the circuit my office happens to run on.

I wish this were the first time something like this was happening, but, alas, it is not. A couple of years ago, before my exodus to the fourth floor of my building, this was actually a fairly frequent occurrence in my office--a whole bunch of new, power-hungry lab and computer equipment was installed on the same circuit, and the old circuit-breaker just couldn't handle the extra load. So, for about a month, it was fairly common for the power to go out at least once or twice a day, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a few hours. For a computational person like myself, this is a major inconvenience, especially since my work needs to be done on computers.

On the other hand, for now, it means you get to put up with a bunch of posts from yours truly.


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